Returning home to family and loved ones can provide the best feelings for a returned missionary. However, when temptations and responsibilities–LIFE–get thrown into the mix, those best feelings can quickly turn awkward, difficult, and confusing. We know, we’ve been there! From personal experiences to extended research conducted among hundreds of Returned Missionaries; we created a ultimate program that brings perspective and preparation to all young adults starting this new chapter in life. During any of our 25th Month events, these young adults and returned missionaries will learn more about who they are, develop a plan on who they want to become and be guided on the path they must take to get there.

Our mantra is, “charting the course and executing the plan” and we know who we reach, what we teach and why we do this, will forever change the landscape for the Returned Missionary.

James Simpson & Bryan Hatch

25th Month Co-Founders


Welcome Home

We created 25th Month Especially for the RM. Here’s why:

What Other RM’s Are Saying

Having a blast all while developing their inner giant!


25th  Month Academy Live

Discover and develop 6 key steps for a successful transition after your mission

Pressures from life can be overwhelming, especially when you’re expected to jump right in after your mission. You’re asked: “What are your plans?” “Do you have a job?” “Are you registered for school yet?” “Are you dating anyone?” The excitement and confidence you once had before coming home has morphed into stress and trepidation. Get clear direction on how to start this new chapter of your life for ultimate success.

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25th Month Inner Circle

Learn principles, live habits, and enlighten others in our breakout group sessions for ultimate success.

Determining and mapping out your path to success is the first challenge. Realizing and enduring is the next challenge. The two keys for accomplishing goals are being accountable to your weekly commitments as well as surrounding yourself among those that see your unlimited potential. Seize the opportunity of accomplishing  your goals all while motivating others to do the same.

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"Thank you so much for your help. I could tell that you truly care about each of us and our personal success. You guys are studs! Everything was so great!"

− Anonymous Alumni

"Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me see who I can become and all the great things I can do in my life!"

− Anonymous Alumni

"This has been great guys. Thank you SO MUCH for this gift."

− Anonymous Alumni

"Thank y'all so much for all your time, effort and prayers. This was a great, fun event that has had an impact in my life and I will feel for a long time to come!"

− Anonymous Alumni