Why Contribute?

25th Month is a non-profit organization that understands how important preparation and application is to success. Before a young man or woman leaves on their mission, they attend missionary prep, temple prep and the Missionary Training Center (MTC). At 25th Month, we believe the young adults need just as much preparation and application opportunity after their missions that they received before their missions.


What We Provide

We provide a 9 month program for returned missionaries which includes:

  • 3 live events with guest speakers and workshops
  • 6 personal workbooks
  • 5 training videos
  • 1 personality assessment
  • 1 career assessment
  • 12 week mastermind group session which helps returned missionaries set and achieve personal goals


How Your Contribution Helps

With roughly 35,000 missionaries returning home every year, we wish to make this program available to them for minimum to no cost. Your contribution will go towards the tuition into the 9-month program and all costs involved go to planning and producing the live events, materials, food and staffing.